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Frederick Walter Stephen West is commonly known as Fred West. He was an English serial killer who committed more than 12 murders of young women and teenagers in Gloucestershire. Many of these murders reflect Frederick’s sexual depravity. The murders were carried out through a pattern of rape, confinement, and torture.

His second wife, Rosemary West, had helped him in several murders and sexual assaults. Most of the bodies were buried in the basement or garden of his home on Cromwell Street in Gloucester. Which was later called the “Horse of Horror”. Fred also had sexual interests with his daughters. And with the help of his wife, he was tortured and killed by two of them.

Both were arrested several times but were acquitted due to a lack of evidence. Detective Constable Hazel Savage searched Cromwell Street in August 1992 after an anonymous call from a woman reporting ongoing sexual abuse to West House Police. And there was clear evidence of child abuse.

Fred and Rose are arrested but acquitted once again. He was arrested and charged in 1994. When Fred killed himself in prison. So his wife was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Fred West Biography

NameFrederick Walter Stephen West
NicknameFred West
Birth29 September 1941
birthplaceMuch Marcle, United Kingdom
Zodiac SignLibra
OccupationSerial Killers
CountryUnited Kingdom
ProfessionBritish Murder Suspect
death1 January 1995
death placeHMP Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom


Fred West was born on 29 September 1941 in Much Markle, Herefordshire, England, UK. His family was poor, close-knit, and mutually protective of agricultural laborers. Fred West Age is 53 years.

Fred West Family

Fred West’s father’s name is Walter Stephen West. He was a disciplined one. Fred West’s mother’s name is Daisy Hannah. His mother was overly protective. The family had moved to Moorcourt Cottage at Moorcourt Farm. Where Fred’s father worked as a milk shepherd and harvester.

Fred was always his mother’s favorite. He was seen as the son of a mother. And he was largely dependent on his siblings for companionship. Fred claimed that when he was 12 years old. Then his mother offered him sex. Because he was involved in animalistic acts with animals as a teenager. And her faith in adultery was like that of her father’s own sisters.

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Fred and his siblings helped their parents with farming. Fred had a habit of stealing from childhood. He was always shabby and dirty and in school, he was always in trouble. He left school at the age of 15. And he never studied again.

Physical Measurement

Fred West’s height is 178 cm. Fred west feet are 5’4”. Talking about the physical structure of Fred West, its body size is 36-28-36. Fred West weighs 80 kg. Has shiny blonde hair and beautiful and attractive dark brown eyes.

Difficult Behavior

Fred West’s later behavior was erratic and he became known to the police for various petty crimes. Then in 1961, he was accused of impregnating a 13-year-old girl. She was a friend of Fred West. Due to which he was thrown out of the family home. He had become a construction worker.

But was soon caught stealing from his employer and having sex with a minor again. He escaped a prison sentence in a rape trial on a young family friend because it was claimed that he was getting fit as a result of head trauma. But he was convicted of child abuse. He is engaged to Scottish girl Rena Costello. He had a police record of theft and prostitution.

At that time she was pregnant with another man’s child. He and West were married in November 1962. And in March 1963 a child was born. Which he called Charmaine. But difficulty continued to mount as West’s new job as an ice-cream van driver gave him continued access to young teenagers. who had fallen prey to his interests?

Deadly Crime

Eight such incidents of the attack were recorded during his stay in Gloucester. Where the description of the criminal fits the West. But he was not immediately involved in these crimes. The Western marriages became increasingly unstable and Reina returned to Scotland, leaving her children with West and McFall.

But a few months later she returned to live with him in a caravan. In early 1967, McFaul became pregnant with West’s child. He had urged Reena to divorce him and marry him instead. West, reluctant to do so, killed the pregnant McFall in July and buried her near the caravan park. His fingers and toes were amputated.

which became a common feature in his future crimes. After McPhail’s disappearance, Reena went to the caravan. West was linked with another disappearance within six months of McFaul’s death. Which was 15-year-old Mary Bastollum. Who was kidnapped from Gloucester bus stop in January 1968? However, it has not been confirmed. For this only circumstantial evidence was presented. Then in November 1968, he met Rose Letts. Who would be his next wife and lifelong companion?

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Suicide and Trial

On December 13, 1994, Fred West was charged with 12 counts of murder. and was taken into custody at Birmingham’s Vinson Greene Prison. Where on January 1, 1995, he hanged himself in his cell.

Rose West was tried on October 3, 1995. Witnesses, including stepdaughter Anna Marie, testified about their involvement in sexual assault on young women. His defense lawyers tried to argue that evidence of assault was no evidence of murder. But when Rose testified on her behalf, her violent nature and dishonesty became apparent to the jury. And he had accepted it unanimously.

In November, he was convicted on 10 separate counts. He was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison. Rose West’s sentence was later extended to a “whole life order” by the Home Secretary. Effectively any possibility of parole was eliminated. Rose West had refused to accept her fate. and started appealing in 1996 and 2000.

Claiming that new evidence had come to the fore to clear him. And that mass media crowd had barred him from a fair trial. The 1996 appeal was dismissed and the subsequent appeal was dismissed. She remains imprisoned.

Rose again became the center of media attention in January 2003. When it was claimed that she was about to marry Dave Glover, bass player of the rock group Slade. Glover disputed that there was an engagement and said that the media attention to his letters to Rose had cost him his status with the band.

Fred West marriage

Fred West’s wife’s name is Rosemary West. He married Rosemary West on 29 January 1972. He had 5 children. Rosemary West died on 1 January 1995. Fred West married Katherine Costello on 21 November 1962. He had 1 child. Catherine Costello died in August 1971.

Fred West Net Worth

The net worth of Fred west is increasing a lot. So how much is Fred West worth at age 54? Fred West’s source of income is mostly a successful actor. It is from the UK. Fred West has a net worth of $20 million.

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Interesting Fact

  • He claimed that his mother sexually abused him when he was 12 years old. and encouraged her to engage in animal acts as a teenager. She also claimed that her involvement in adultery was due to her father’s incestuous relationship with his daughters. The claims were dismissed as Fred’s fiction by Fred’s younger brother, Doug.
  • A search warrant was issued for Cromwell Street House in February 1994. This time the police found the remains of two different girls. One of whom was suspected to be Shirley Robinson. During police interrogation, Fred confessed to the murder and the presence of bodies in the basement.
  • Rose’s trial began on October 3, 1995. Anna Marie testified to her involvement in sexual assault and murders. He was found guilty of ten separate murders by a jury on 22 November 1995. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. And all his appeals were dismissed. “House of Horrors” was shot in October 1996.
  • Fred West was arrested on 13 December 1994. and was charged with 12 counts of murder. And Vinson Green was imprisoned in prison. On 1 January 1995, he was hanged in his cell with the help of bedsheets.

Fred West Death

Fred West died in his cell on January 1, 1995, by wrapping an improvised rope made from a stolen blanket and tag from a prison laundry bag around his neck. Then the device was tied together. The door handles and window catchments were sunk to their knees.


Q: What is Fred West Age?

A: 53 years

Q: When did Fred West die?

A: 1 January 1995

Q: What is Fred West’s father’s name?

A: Walter Stephen West

Q: What is Fred West’s height?

A: 178 cm

Q: How much is Fred West Net Worth?

A: $20 million