Steve Jobs Bio, Birth, Family, Education, Career

Steve Jobs was an American business magnate, industrial designer, investor, and media proprietor. He was the chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Apple Inc.

Chairman and majority shareholder of Pixar; Member of the Board of Directors of The Walt Disney Company after the acquisition of Pixar; and is the founder, president, and CEO of Next. Steve Jobs is widely regarded as the forerunner of the personal computer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s.

Steve Jobs Bio

NameSteven Paul Jobs
NicknameSteve Jobs
Birth24 February 1955
BirthplaceSan Francisco, California, United States
Sun SignPisces
Famous asCo-founder of Apple
Cause of DeathNeuroendocrine Cance
death5 October 2011
place of deathPalo Alto, California, United States
signatureSteve Jobs signature.svg


Steve Jobs was born on 24 February 1955 in San Francisco, California United States. When Steve was five years old. Then his family moved to Mountain View, California. Where Steve went to school and grew up.

Steve Jobs Family

Steve Jobs was born to Joanne Schieble Simpson. Although his mother was not married during that time. So she decided to give Steve in her arms. He then handed over a couple named Paul Reinhold Jobs and Clara Jobs after convincing Steve Jobs to send him to college. Jobs adopted Paul Jobs as a mechanic. While his mother Clara was an accountant. Paul later opened the garage. Jobs also had an interest in electronics from the very beginning. So he tampered with the electronic items kept in the garage and was always trying to learn something new. Thus in his childhood, Jobs learned a lot of electronics work with the help of his father.

FatherAbdulfattah John Jandali
MotherJoanne Schieble Simpson
sister(1) Mona Simpson
(2) Patricia Ann Jobs
WifeLaurene Powell
SonReed Jobs
daughter(1) Erin Siena Jobs
(2) Eve Jobs
(3) Lisa Brennan-Jobs


After completing high school, Steve entered Reed College in Oregon. It was a very expensive college. Whose fees Paul and Clara were barely paying. He had promised to give the entire amount of his life for the good education of his son. Jobs met Kristen Brennan. Within days, Steve realized that he was wasting his parents’ money by coming to this college. Staying here will not benefit them in the future. He had decided to drop out of college. And Kristen Brennan also supported her in the decision. Steve didn’t go to college every day. He attended only those classes in which he was interested. Here he attended a calligraphy class. But Steve had no money at that time.

Physical Measurement

Steve Jobs Bio, Birth, Family, Education, Career, Steve Jobs out of Apple

Steve Jobs is the owner of a great body structure. Steve Jobs’s height is –cm. And Steve Jobs’ feet are. The weight of Steve Jobs is kg. Telling about the physical structure of Steve Jobs, then his physical structure measurement is _. Steve Jobs has beautiful and sparkling black eyes and black hair.


In 1972, Steve started working for a video game development company called Atari. After some time he did not feel like here and after collecting some money he went on a tour of India in 1974. He had spent 7 months in India. During this time he studied to learn about Buddhism. Here he traveled by bus to Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh. After 7 months, Steve returned to America, and his life there was changed. He had shaved his head. and disguised himself as a monk. Jobs once again joined the job in the balcony. And they started living with their parents.

Apple Founder

Jobs and Wozniak became good friends once again. and started working together. Both had a great love for computers. Wozniak wanted to build his own computer. He had a good understanding of electronics. That’s why he made a personal computer. Jobs was overjoyed to see this. And they thought that together they would open a computer company and would make and sell computers. In 1976, Jobs and Wozniak began working on a computer in Jobs’s garage. He started a company and named it ‘Apple’. Jobs was only 21 at the time. Apple’s first computer was called the Apple 1. Shortly after, Wozniak began working on the Apple 2. After making it, it was placed in front of some investors. And Jobs and Wozniak tried to persuade the investor to invest in several places. People are very fond of Apple 2. The company was growing very fast. By 1980 it had become a well-known company. In 10 years, Apple took 2 billion dollars and 4 thousand people started working in it.

Apple and the Personal Computer Era

Jobs realized that there was a huge gap in the computer market. At that time almost all computers were mainframes. They were big enough to fill a single room. And so expensive that people could not afford them. However, advances in electronics meant that computer components were becoming smaller and the power of computers was increasing. Jobs and Wozniak redesigned their computers with the idea of ​​selling them to individual users. The Apple II entered the market in 1977 with impressive first-year sales of 2.7 million.

In three years, the company’s sales had grown to $200 million. It was one of the most unprecedented cases of corporate development in American history. Jobs and Wozniak opened a new market for the personal computer. Personal computers present an entirely new way of processing information. The era of the personal computer was well underway by the 1980s. As more competitors entered the market. Apple was forced to constantly improve its products.

Apple introduced the Apple III. But the new model faced technical and marketing problems. It was withdrawn from the market. And later it was rebuilt. and was reissued. Jobs remained the marketing force behind Apple. He unveiled the Lisa in early 1983. It is designed for people with minimal computer experience. However, it did not sell well as it was more expensive than personal computers sold by competitors. Apple’s biggest competitor was International Business Machines (IBM). By 1983 it was estimated that Apple had lost half its market share to IBM.

Jobs’ partnership with graphics company Disney

Steve Jobs bought a graphics company Pixar Movies in 1986. and partnered with Disney. After this Steve climbed the ladder of success and he never looked back in life.

Steve Jobs out of Apple

After becoming a big company, Apple launched its third version Apple 3, and then Lisa. These new versions of Apple were a flop. They had not succeeded. Steve had put all his effort into making the Macintosh. A Super Bowl was created in 1984 based on Lisa. Which was launched with the Macintosh. He had a lot of success. Apple now began manufacturing personal computers in collaboration with IBM.

Which also increased its use. Due to which the company was forced to create more systems. The concept of this computer was never hidden. This is the reason why many other companies adopted it. Computers from other companies were much cheaper than the Macintosh and Apple. Due to which Apple lost money. Steve was held responsible for this. Steve was under pressure to resign. On September 17, 1985, Steve along with five of his closest friends resigned from Apple.

Next Computer

For some time after leaving Apple, Steve didn’t know what to do. According to Steve, it was a difficult time in his life. They felt they were socially dispersed. They were lost. But amidst these thoughts, he felt that his work had been taken away but still he had potential. Who knew better than him how Apple was made. Steve had once again decided to make a fresh start. He had taken advantage of this opportunity. Thinking that now he is free. In his own opinion, he can do and redo whatever he wants as if he didn’t work under any pressure when Apple was created.

Jobs started a company called Next Computer. For which he got Ross Perot as a big investor. NeXT’s first product was a high-end personal computer. Next Computer was launched on 12 October 1988 in a big event. The first workstations of NeXT arrived in 1990. The price of which was very high. Like the Apple Lisa, the NeXT was technologically advanced. But because it was expensive. Not many people could buy it. Due to which NeXT also had to suffer. After some time Steve realized this and transformed the next company into a software company. Then it became very successful. This web object began to provide a framework for budget web applications.

Apple Ceo Steve Jobs

Apple negotiated with Steve to buy Next Company in 1996, and the deal was finalized for $427 million. This time Steve Jobs returned to Apple as CEO. But during this time Apple was going through a tough time.

Then under Steve’s guidance, the company launched the Apple iPod Music Player and iTunes. After this, in 2007, Apple revolutionized the mobile world by launching its first mobile phone. At the same time, Apple is touching new heights of success by launching products one after the other.

Steve Jobs Marriage

Steve Jobs had a daughter, Lisa Brennan, with his love partner Kirsten Brennan in 1978. He then married Lauren Powell in 1991. Three children were born to the couple named Reed, Erin and Eve.

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  • Samuel S. Beard Award
  • Grammy Trustees Award
  • PGA Vanguard Award


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Steve Jobs Net Worth

According to estimates when he was 25 years old. Then his net worth was more than $250 million. He was also one of the “youngest” people to be made a list of the richest people in the country by Forbes. And without inherited property, he was one of a handful who did it themselves.

Interesting Fact

Steve Jobs came to India in 1974. And he spent many months in Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi.

Steve Jobs first saw a sample of Apple’s iPod. and threw it into the water. And then proved with air bubbles that it can be made smaller and more attractive.

Steve Jobs came to India to seek spiritual enlightenment. Apart from this, he was also very fond of Indian culture and clothes.

Once Steve Jobs was sitting in Apple’s garden. So he thought of naming his company Apple.

Steve Jobs asked Hewlett-Packard co-founder William Hewlett for parts to complete the school project when he was 12 years old. Impressed, Hewlett offered Jobs an internship at his company.

Steve Jobs death

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of his life. After battling this disease for many years, he breathed his last on 2 October 2011 in Palo Alto, California. And said goodbye. At the same time, on August 24, 2011, just before his death, Steve Jobs announced the appointment of Tim Cook as the new CEO of Apple. Steve Jobs is not with us today.


Q. How did Steve Jobs start Apple?

A. Jobs was just 21 in 1976. Apple Computer was started in the family garage of Wozniak and Jobs.

Q. Where was Steve Jobs born?

A. Steve Jobs was born on 24 February 1955 in San Francisco, California United States.

Q. What is Steve Jobs’s age?

A. 56 years ( 1955–2011 )

Q. What is Steve Jobs’s father’s name?

A. Abdulfattah John Jandali

Q. What is the name of Steve Jobs’s wife?

A. Laurene Powell Jobs