Anna Faris was born on November 29, 1976

in Baltimore, Maryland, to Jack, a sociology professor

Karen Faris, the second child of a special education teacher

Both his parents, natives of Seattle, Washington

lived in Baltimore when his father accepted

professorship at Towson University. When Farris was six years old

the family moved to Edmonds, Washington

His father served as vice president of

internal communications at the University of

Washington and later led the Washington Biotechnology

Biomedical Association, while his

mother taught at Edmonds Seaview Elementary School.

Anna Faris has an older brother, Robert

who is also a sociologist and professor at

the University of California, Davis. In interviews

she described her parents as "ultra-liberal" and said

that she and her brothers grew up in a secular but

"very conservative" traditional environment. At

the age of six, her parents enrolled her in a community drama class for

children, as they usually encouraged her to take up acting

She enjoyed watching plays and eventually did 

her stuff in her bedroom with friends in the neighborhood

She said in interviews that she often imagines

her orthodontic retainer talking to her, and portrayed

herself as "talking about talking retainer on a talk show"