Anna Sorokin was born on January 23, 1991 in Domodedovo,

working-class satellite town south of Moscow.

His father, Vadim, worked as a truck driver, while his mother owned a small convenience store.

In 2007, when Sorokin was 16, his family moved to North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

There, his father became an executive in a transport company until the company went bankrupt in 2013.

 He then started an HVAC business specializing in efficient energy use.

Sorokin attended the Bischoflich Liebfraunschule Eschweiler 

Episcopal School of Our Lady of Eschweiler, Aschweiler's Catholic grammar school.

Pierce said she was calm and struggling with the German language.

As a young adult, Sorokin passionately followed Vogue, fashion blogs and image accounts on LiveJournal and Flickr.

After graduating from school in June 2011, Sorokin moved to London to attend an art school

in Central St Martins, but soon dropped out and returned to Germany.

In 2012, he did a brief internship at a public relations company in Berlin. Sorokin then moved to Paris,

where she earned around €400 a month through an internship for Purple, a French fashion magazine.

Although Sorokin did not contact his parents frequently, they subsidized his rent.

Around that time, Sorokin began to use the name "Anna Delve", which he claimed to be his mother's maiden name.

However, Sorokin's parents said that they "do not know the surname".

Sorokin later admitted that she "just came with him".