Ayesha Disa Curry is the Canadian-American actress, Cookbook writer, cooking television personality, and basketball player Stephen Karini.

After guest roles in many television shows and films, he started hosting his show,

Ayesha's Homemade (A.K.A. Ayesha's Home Kitchen) on the food network.

Despite any professional chef training, his Pakistani career began in 2014,

when he prepared his first meal as a YouTube exhibition on his channel Little Lights Mine F Mine.

Curry channel Little Lights Mine F Mine is a writer of many videos and has written a cookbook the SZ Life published in 2016.

Ayesha is the daughter of John and Carol Alexander and has four brothers: Maria, Jennis, Judge, and Chad.

Her mother belongs to the Afro-Zamika and the Chinese-Zamika dynasty, while her father is from a mixed African-American and Polish dynasty.

She was born in Toronto at the age of 14 and grew up when she went to Charlet in North Carolina.

He was interested in cooking for the first time. With her mother operating a salon in the basement of her house,

Ayesha saw her midwife she did a Tunisian and cooked the bread and took her to the customers.

On July 30, 2011, she married NBA player Stephen Curry. Both met in a small group at a church in Charlotte when they were 15 and 14 years old.

It was not after years when Ayesha was chasing her acting career in Hollywood and Stephen was traveling for an award show that the two started dating.

Ayesha soon approached Charlotte, where Stephen Davidson was playing a college lez basket .l.

With, they have three children. By 2019, they live in Ethartan, California.

Curry is a Christian; Regarding his belief, he said: "This is what I really do is the foundation.

With her relationship with her husband, it is installed on it."

He said that when Steaf decided to play Basketb Play L, I had the same conversation with him.

'Whatever you do, do it well, but for God.' I think who put us on the ground.

When I started my blog 'Little Lights Mine F Mine', my entire goal was to make things that I wanted to do, but everyone was light for it.

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