Paul Balthazar Getty is an American actor and composer. The member of the Getty family was started as Ralph of its display flies (1990).

It appeared in Lost Highway (1997) and played a repetitive role in Tommy Walker in Thomas Grace

and American Drama Brothers and Richard Montana (2003-04), American Action Drama Elias (2005-06).

Sisters (2006-11), both of which are broadcast on ABC.

As a composer, Getty is a member of the Indie Rock / Electronic Band Ringside, and Rap Pair is a manufacturer of wow.

Balthazar Getty is said to have attended Gordonstone School in the United Kingdom. 


At a young age, he never compromised in his studies. The Gordonston School was also responsible for getting Getty into the acting line.

In 1987, she was approached by casting director Robin John Allen, who advised her to audition for the films.

Following his advice, Getty made his acting debut in the 1990s super hit series “Lord of the Flies”.

Balthazar Getty is known for his outstanding acting and singing skills for many awards.


Among them, his most prestigious award is “The Young Artist” award for Best Supporting Role in a Motion Picture in 1991. 

He also won the Outstanding Young Ensemble in a Motion Picture in 1991.