Boxing Day is a bank or public holiday that falls one or two working days after December 26, or Christmas, according to national or regional laws.

It is celebrated in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain, and some other Commonwealth countries.

In Ireland, it is celebrated as St Stephen's Day or Wren's Day Irish: La Draiolin.

In South Africa, it was named Goodwill Day in 1994. Historically, in former East Germany, it was celebrated as the Wehnachtsfeiertag on the second day of Christmas.

Boxing Day in Canada is an optional holiday in accordance with the Canadian Labor Code. This is the only state of Ontario where workers get paid leave.

Although the Bank Holiday Act of 1871 originally prescribed a bank holiday throughout England, the day after Christmas was defined as Boxing Day in England, Scotland and Wales, and St Stephen's feast day in Ireland.

Other bank holidays in lieu of 26 December are only possible in Northern Ireland. This explains their legal difference as St. Stephen's Day does not automatically fall on a Monday like Boxing Day.

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