Dolly Rebecca Parton was Rebecca Parton was born on January 19, 1946, in a room cabin on the banks of the Little Pigeon River at the Pitman Center in Tennessee.

She is the fourth of the twelve children born to AV Lee Caroline (Owens; 1923–2003) and Robert Lee Parton Senior (1921–2000).

By 2021, there are three dead brothers and sisters. The middle name of the spouse comes from Dadi Rebecca his mother.

Parton's father, known as "Lee", worked in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee, which was earlier on Sherkrakra rope and later twisted his small tobacco fields and untrue.

He also worked construction work to complement the small income of the farm.

Despite his father's illiteracy, Part often commented that he was one of the clever people he knew about business and profits.

Parton's mother, A.V. Lee took care of her elder family. In 20 years, its 11 pregnancies (tenth twin) made her a mother of 12 till the age of 35.

Parton credited her mother for her musical abilities; Often, her poor health is deteriorating,

but she still managed to keep her children at home and entertain her children with Smokey Mountain Lokayaka and ancient Gathgit.

AV Lee's family was originally from Wales and sang old songs of immigrants who moved to South Appalachia a century ago.

AV Lee's father, Jack Owens, was a Pentecostal preacher, and his partners and their brothers -in -all attended the church regularly.

Parton has long credited his father for his father and his mother's family for his musical abilities.

When the partner was a little girl, his family went to the ground from the Pitman Center area on the nearby Khadmakkadi ridge.

Most of the basic memories of the youth took place there. Today, there is a replica of ridge cabin in the theme park after the partners.

Farm Ekrej and the surrounding Woodland inspired him to write the song "My Tensi Mountain Home" in the 1970s.

Years after the sale of the farm, the partner bought it in the late 1980s. Her brother Bobby helped in establishing automation and new construction.

The part has described his family as "dirt poor". Parton's father paid the doctor cutter, which helped him by giving him a bag of corn mills.

He underlined his family's poverty in his early songs "many colors coats" and "The Good Old Days (when the time was bad).

For six or seven years, the partner and his family cabin in their small living areas His rustic, bedroom lived in.

At the age of six, he started playing a homemade guitar. When he was eight years old, his uncle bought his first real guitar.

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