Hillary Clinton's full name is Hillary Danny Road was born on 26 October 1947 at Educator Medical Center

in Chicago, Illinois. He was reared into a joint methodist family who previously lived in Chicago.

When she was three years old, her family moved to Chicago the park ridge

His father was from Huga Road, the English and Welsh dynasty,

Hillary Clinton's managed a small but successful textile business,

He established. Her mother, Dorothy, hell, Dutch, English, French Canadian,

Scottish and Welsh dynasty were home mates. He had two younger brothers, Hue and Tony.

As a child, Rodham was a favorite student in public schools participating in the park ridge among its teachers.

He participated in swimming and softball ball and found several badges

the form of Born and Girl Scouts. 

This often inspires American efforts during the space race and a letter to NASA around 

1961 was sent to NASA what he could do to become an astronaut, 

just to report that women did not accept the program. went. 

He studied at the main East High School, where he participated

Student Council and the School Newspaper and was selected for the National Honor Society. 

She was elected as the vice-president of the class for her junior year,

but then lost the election of the class president for her senior year against two boys,

one of whom told her if you think that a girl or girl. Can be selected.

For his senior year, he and other students were transferred to the then-new main South High School.

There she was a national merit finalist and was voted for "possibility of success".

Was he graduated in the top five percent of his class in 1965?