Jodie Sweetin was born on January 19, 1982 in

Los Angeles, California. Her parents were both in

prison at the time, and when she was nine months old

she was adopted as the only child by 

her uncle Sam Sweetin and his second wife, Janice

It wasn't until she was two years old that she was scheduled for

adoption because her birth father was a Quaternary Native American

Years later, she said she was told not to

speak publicly about adoption because people 

would think she was pressured into acting

In high school, Sweetin and fellow actor Matthew

Morris performed in a musical theater together

After appearing in several national commercials

she was cast in the 1987 sitcom Valerie as Pamela

Mrs Poole's niece. Jeff Franklin cast

her as Stephanie Tanner in the ABC comedy series Full House

held the role until the show ended in 1995

This has become his most famous role till date

In 1999, four years after Full House was completed, Sweetin graduated