Olly Alexander was born on 15-07-1990 in the United Kingdom of Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

He is an English singer, lyricist, film actor, television actor, theater actor,

and musician, who is known for his work in the Hollywood industry.

The singer, Alexander, his parents were born to a surrogate in Northern Yorkshire,

England along with their parents Vicky Thornton (mother) and his father.

His mother was the co-founder of the Coleford Music Festival in the UK.

The actor has a brother named Ben who is autistic.

In addition, when he was 13 years old, his parents got divorced and after the divorce of his parents,

it was his mother who took full care of her and her brother.

Alexander is an openly gay and LGBTQ worker. She is known only to identify with the "she/she/she" pronoun.

He uses male pronouns in his songs for a couple of years and years.

Alexander went to St. John Primary School in Colford.

He went to the Monmouth Comprehensive School before entering Henford College AR Arts to study performance art.

During his time in Monmouth, he acted in two -five representations,

such as Beni's character in boys and physical in LS centers and Caucasian Chalk Circle.

Alexander composed his first song at the age of 10. He started his music career in 2010.

Along with a famous guitarist named Mickey Goldswarthi, he created a band called Sal and Sal.

Shortly thereafter, the development of the band began, including Emere Turkmen, Noel Lemon, and Oliver Sabra.

The band introduced its first single; I wish I knew in 2012

After a successful single, the band introduced the first EP mesh in September 2013.

Alexander has been actively involved in acting for films since 2008. His performance was the role of Samaria.

Some notable films in which he performed, are Dust (2009), Gulwells Travel (2010), and Great Expectations (2012).

He has also played some TV roles, the most popular of which is the sin of HBO Max and the great British are returning it.

Alexander has estimated total assets of $ 1.5 million. He earns his income through singing and acting. It also earns script through writing.

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