James Paul Mac Kourtney was born on 18 June 1942 at Wall Loan Hospital in the Valton area of Liverpool,

where his mother Mary Patricia was eligible to practice as a nurse.

His father, James McCartan, was absent from the birth of his son due to his work as a voluntary fire extinguisher during World War II.

Both his parents were of Irish origin. McCart has a younger brother, Peter Michael, and a young Kadam -Ruth,

who was born to his father's second wife Angie during his first marriage.

Paul and Michael were baptized in their mother's Catholic belief, yet their father was a former Protestant who became Ost Ost. Religion was not emphasized at home.

According to his biography author Peter I'm Carlin, Macartney's parents came from

"Labrical Class's Bottom Parts", but he experienced some social mobility above during his lifetime.

Before the war, cotton merchant A. Hannah served as a vendor for Kokot, who was given a job as a sample boy in his warehouse; When the war began,

Hai was closed and Jim Napier was appointed as a lathe turner in engineering work, voluntarily for the fire brigade.

The developed family was inhabited in a flat in 1944 in a flat in Nozali and then in the Council Housing Development in 1946.

After the war, the gym returned to the job of low cotton traders. Mary's work as a guest midwife was more beneficial.

McCartney attended Stockton Wood Road Primary School in Spike from 1947 to 1949,

while Joseph Williams was shifted to Joseph Williams Junior School in Bell Wale due to a crowd in Stockton.

In 1953, he was one of the 90 students who passed 11 Plus exams,

which means that he could participate in a grammar school Liverpool Institute instead of a secondary modern school.

Both quickly became friends; Macartani later admitted: "I chose to talk to her because she was a year younger.

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