Sarah Jessica Parker was born on March 25, 1965,

in Nelsonville, Ohio, to Barbara Parker (née Keck),

nursery school administrator and teacher

Stephen Parker, an entrepreneur, and journalist

She was one of a total of eight children from

her parent's marriage and her mother's second marriage

His full siblings include actors Timothy Britton Parker

she was 3+1/2 years old

her mother married Paul Forst, a truck driver

accounting executive. Parker's father, a Brooklyn native

is Jewish (from a family in Eastern Europe)

The original surname of his family was "Bar-Kan" ("son of Cohen")

The original surname of his family

was "Bar-Kan" ("son of Cohen"). Parker's mother is of

German and some English descent; By his mother

Parker is a descendant of Esther Elwell, who was one of

the accused during the Salem Witch Trials

Parker is culturally familiar with her father's faith

Judaism, although she has no religious training

He said that even when his family lived in Cincinnati

his mother followed a New York lifestyle

Parker's parents struggle to support

their extended family - sometimes the power goes out, or

the family misses Christmas and birthdays because of

However, she added wouldn't change anything in that

For the most part, we had everything we needed

Not always, but for the most part." Parker's mother immersed

her children in culture and extra-curricular activities

They are often taken to Cincinnati to

liberate public institutions such as ballet

theater so that they can live "full, prosperous lives."