Stella Mae Parton is an American country singer and songwriter widely known for a series of country singles that charted during the mid-to-late-1970s,

her biggest hit being "I Want to Hold You in My Dreams Tonight" in 1975.

She is the younger sister of the country music entertainer Dolly Parton and the older sister of the singer Randy Parton and actress Rachel Dennison.

She is the sixth of the 12 children born from Avenue Lee Caroline and Robert Lee Parton Senior (1921–2000).

Lee Partner is her three-year-old sister. When Stella was seven years old, D.

Oli Lee appeared in the Neville television program and began on the radio two years later.

During this time, Stella and her sisters Wildin and Cast formed a group, sang gospel music, and announced around East Tennessee.

During his high school years, he started writing songs. She married Marwin Carol Rauf before graduating in 1966. He had the son of this wedding.

In 1967, the party introduced its first album, in the garden (Villain, Cass and the Gospel Project with his mother).

Immediately, he went to Washington Washington DC and began performing at the Hilbili Heaven Club.

Later, after going to Nashville, he started his record label, Seoul, country, and blues in 1975, and introduced his first single album, I Hurd You in My Dreams Tonite.

His title track was an important national hit in the top ten in the country. His success made him a major label deal with Electra in 1976.

In 1977, Karmol Taylor, couple with "Neon Woman", was somewhat successful, and in 1977–1978 with three top 20 hits with "The Danger of a Stranger".

"Char Lowercase" and "Standard Live Number One". In 1979, he found an additional top -40 hit with his sister D. Oli Lee, "Stad az Rain".

He recorded three albums for Electra until 1979.

In 1984, Stela performed a song with Qin Wall for the Soundtrack of the film. Starring Rhinestone, Dolly Lee.

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