Teddi Mellencamp, which is also known as Aroyev, a Taddy

was born on 1 July 1981 in the United States in Bloomington, Indiana

His father John Melcent Emp MP is a very popular musician

singer actor and Grammy Award winner Rock singer

His daughter Victoria L. Grauchi's mother is a housewife

The couple was divided in 1989.

Teddi Mellencamp father married three times, that is

Her family included a young brother -in -law Justice

Melinic Emp MP and two half brothers Hood Malec MP MP

Space Maller Emp MP. As a child, he began to develop his passion for

The horse's back from a young age and was at a very top level

He also won a stake in his final year

He completed training with Don Stewart Stables across the country.

On July 7, 2011, Teddi Mellencamp married Edwin Arroyave

who is a renowned reality TV star from Colombia and

The creator of Skyline Security Management, Inc

In the very following year, they welcomed their first baby, a girl called Slate Arroyave.

Then on Feb 25, 2010 Teddi along with Edwin had

2nd daughter Dove Arroyave. But, Edwin also had

daughter named Isabella Arroyave, from his previous relationship

She had her birth on Nov. 30 in 2008.