Samuel Timothy McGraw was born in Delhi, Louisiana,

the only child of Elizabeth "Betty" N'D'Gostino, a Jacksonville, Florida waitress,

Tug McGrath Jr., who played for the minor league Jacksonville Sons. There was a jar.

Star pitcher for the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies.

Star pitcher for the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies.

McGraw is of Italian and Irish descent next to his mother and of Irish, English, Scottish, Swiss,

Dutch, Czech, and German descent next to his father. In 1966,

D'Agostino was a student at Terry Parker High School.

She lived in the same apartment building as Tug McGraw, who was playing baseball for Jacksonville.

When she became pregnant with McGraw as a teenager,

D'Agostino's parents sent her to Louisiana to live with relatives. Through his father,

McGrath has two half-brothers, Mark and Matthew, and a sister named Carrie.

The beginning, Louisiana, welcome sign notes that McGraw lived there at one time.

McGraw grew up with his stepfather, Horace Smith, as his father, 

Smith used his last name until he met his biological father. At age 11,

McGraw discovered her birth certificate while searching her mother's closet for photographs for a school project.

McGraw learns from his mother who his biological father is and takes him to meet

the elder McGraw for the first time. Tug McGraw denied parenthood for seven years until Tim turned 18.

After that time, the two formed a relationship and remained close until the former baseball star's death in 2004.