Tina Turner was born on 26 November 1939 as a Bullock

in Anna in Brownsville, Tennessee

The youngest daughter of the Zelma Priscila

Floyd Richard Bullock. The family lived

in the nearby rural unconscious community of Database

Tennessee, where his father worked as the overseer of

The sharecroppers on the PoindeCter farm

on highway 180; He later remembered choosing cotton

with his family at an early age. When he participated

in the PBS series African American Lives 2 with Dr

Henry Louis Gates, he shared his lineage DNA test estimates

which were primarily African, about 33% European

Previously, she believed that she has an important amount

in the original American dynasty.

Bullock had two elder sisters, Evelyn Juanita Curry and Ruby Aine Bullock, a lyricist

She is also the first cousin after being removed from

She is also the first cousin after being removed from

the Bluesman Eugene bridges. As young children

three sisters were separated when their parents moved to Knoxville

Tennessee to work in a defense facility during World War II. Bullock moved to live

with her strict, religious grandparents, Alex and Rocksna Bullock

who was deaf and deaf in the Woodson Missionary Baptist Church

After the war, the sisters joined their parents again and moved

To Knoxville with them. Two years later, the family returned

To Natabash to live in the Flag Grove community

where Bullock attended Flag Grove Primary School from first to eighth grade.