Cheng Xiao Biography, Age, Married,  Instagram, crush, Networth

Cheng Xiao Biography

In the vibrant world of entertainment, Cheng Xiao, also known by her nickname Xiao Xiao, emerges as a talented actress, singer, model, and dancer. Hailing from Shenzhen, China, this multifaceted artist has captivated audiences with her performances on stage and screen. In this blog post, we delve into Cheng Xiao’s personal life, career journey, relationships, net worth, and some fascinating tidbits that showcase the diverse facets of this rising star.

Early Life and Education

Cheng Xiao, born on July 15, 1998, in Nan Shen, Shenzhen, China, began her journey in the performing arts at an early age. With a passion for Chinese dance, she dedicated ten years to its study before making her mark as an idol. She further honed her skills at the Shenzhen Art School, paving the way for a remarkable career in the entertainment industry.

Career Transition and Achievements

Transitioning from Chinese dance to becoming an idol, Cheng Xiao spent ten years training in Korea. Her return to China marked the beginning of a new chapter as she ventured into acting, with her first drama project, “Detective Chinatown,” in 2020. Her career details reflect a journey from dance to widowhood and finally to the silver screen.

Personal Life and Relationships

Cheng Xiao’s personal life, often a topic of interest among fans, includes details about her family, sister Chang Chen, and rumored relationships. One speculated romance involves popular star Kaishu Kun, whom she met during the show “Idol Producer.” While the rumors persist, conclusive evidence remains elusive. Other rumors link her to Jackson Wong Gr, creating anticipation among fans.

Financial Overview

Despite being relatively young, Cheng Xiao has amassed considerable wealth, with a net worth estimated at $11 million. This financial success is attributed to her thriving career, endorsements, and strategic investments.

Social Media Presence

With a growing fan base, Cheng Xiao’s social media accounts boast impressive numbers, with 2.4 million followers on Instagram, 252k on Facebook, and a massive 12.4 million fans on Babu. Her popularity extends beyond the screen, showcasing her influence in the digital realm

Social Media Accounts


Favorites and Interesting Facts

Cheng Xiao’s preferences and quirks offer a glimpse into her personality. From favorite foods and drinks to cherished colors and idols, fans can discover more about her off-screen interests. Notably, she excels at playing mobile games and has a soft spot for cats, owning one named Shu Su.


Cheng Xiao’s journey from a devoted Chinese dancer to a celebrated idol and actress is a testament to her talent, dedication, and versatility. With a thriving career, rumored relationships, financial success, and a vibrant social media presence, Cheng Xiao continues to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. As she shares more aspects of her life and career with her fans, the story of Cheng Xiao o unfolds with promising chapters yet to be written.

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