Know this secret: How many billionaires are in Gstaad?

Gestet, you may or may not have heard of it, but this spectacular resort town in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps plays host to some of the world’s richest and most famous during the holiday season, you haven’t heard of it before.

If you heard this, then you should do this. Do check out this Article The wealthy citizens of Gestet are fighting back against the newly minted billionaires who are determined to turn the beautiful hill town into their charming playground Despite the bravery the locals put in their fur lines are trembling

It’s been both a blessing and a curse for this group of millionaires

Ski Boots Gestat loves to brag about its snowy globe-protected alpine beauties Change is slow here, which has been both a blessing and a curse for this group of millionaires, where every bungalow looks the same from the road and They can just talk about the Russians the way people used to talk about the Jews in Derry and Connecticut, what’s the connection between Madonna and Valentino, they spend their holidays in the same special alpine village, where for nine days The population has seen an increase from 7,500 to 30,000 people during this period.

Every year in December, Maurice Aymond, the millionaire CEO of banknote security business Sipka, hosts a big Christmas party at the Gestet Switzerland with bowls of cigarettes, unlimited champagne, and table after table filled with colorful salads, smoked salmon and meat skewers, past The year Madonna reportedly left the party. That this party isn’t going to be filled with rich and famous guests can’t be understood unless you spend the Christmas season there.

With the sharpness of the mountain air stolen by the social anxiety that comes with trying to keep up with the ultra-rich, it’s a game of hope that you’ll get caught up in the story of your not-so-luxurious upbringing, even millionaire.

Will also be lost. The town is a peaceful mountain retreat amidst a sea of ​​billionaires for eleven and a half months of the year, primary attractions include weaving demonstrations, award-winning honey, and top-performing cattle from Gestet outside agriculture, and solo cinema.

Christmas is organized every year for the richest people in the world

The source of the most excitement is Gestetlife, a monthly magazine that features articles about stand-up paddleboarding and the vandalism of felled birch trees, but for nine days in December the daily lives of its citizens are put on hold and Gestet is published in its entirety.

Uncovers the red velvet veil of change -Ego Christmas is held every year for the world’s richest people, the city of Saunan has grown from 7445 citizens to more than 30,000 because of the needs of nearly six thousand of the world’s most famous VIPs. Seventeen thousand temporary workers come to meet the needs.

Valentino, including Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway, by 1916 was widely recognized as the next best thing to San Maritz. Despite Sanmaritz’s lack of nightlife and Olympic heritage, there’s one thing Gesta’s Samaritans don’t like, this premium boarding school has taught everyone from Prince Rainier III of Monaco to the last Shah of Iran to the current Aga Khan.

Leader of the Ismaili religion, as described by Nicholas People in Hans, as the Jet Set Society Jet Set, one of Eton’s winter campuses in Gestet

Benefits Tuition cost of 110,000 per year Palace Geshtätt gradually became famous as the most exclusive among the Alpine towns and the rich and famous began to spend their festive holidays here, Geshtätt has a palace hotel similar to the Samaritan, It was praised as the only alternative to the jet.

For residents who do not have the luxury of having their chalet as it is owned and operated by the Schertz hotelier dynasty, each season it is filled with bookings as Christmas is often celebrated three years in advance.

which is stocked at Louis Vuitton Hermes and Troy Palm retailers

In the hotel’s suites featuring trees and seasonal decor or in one of the hotel’s five restaurants, which lounge overlooking the 18-foot Fur, the castle lies at the heart of Gstaad’s unique dual identity, perched on top of the city.

There is a stone palace overlooking the quiet streets below the palace leading to the city promenade, lined with retailers Louis Vuitton Hermes and Troy Palms, a vintage hotel from the 1960s is a famous hangout, a classic Located at the far end with the front exposed more of it.

More like an old-fashioned Swiss restaurant than a Hotel Taxi Simon, the station draws a small army of staff who have to spring into action to cater to the Christmas season guests, with staff in Gstaad arriving from the neighboring town of Launen Which has a population of 812.

Among them are drivers because during the holidays the number of automobiles on the road increases from the usual 700 to more than 3 thousand, the Christmas season is a time of less sleep for Taxi Simon, it is a family-run business, with owner Mario Simon. According to during

They have agreements with other limousine service businesses in Switzerland

During the year they have two full-time employees and two part-time employees, but during peak season this number increases to 20 and even that is not always enough, with other limousine service businesses in Switzerland having to bring in more Mercedes-Benz They agree. To accommodate the visitors, the automobiles, hotel staff, and palace personnel have to keep the identity of their visitors hidden and also take care of their needs. It is a small city in itself, with daily requests.

From massages to one-on-one yoga sessions and fresh organic goat milk. There are no holidays or vacations during the Christmas season, with hotel staff typically working 13 to 14-hour days, according to Guest Relations Manager Barbara Bronco-Scheese. Often celebrated on 28 December.

The hotel has over 200 staff rooms to service 104 guest rooms on the last day before New Year’s Eve and in December the number of staff increases from 50 to 300, playing their part in making Christmas the most loved time of the year. Are.

When employees are served steak frites with alcohol instead of water, electricity

There is no mixing of guests and workers on hotel property and drinking is strictly prohibited during working hours on Christmas Eve, a breach of the standard occurred when staff were served steak frites with alcohol instead of water, and electricity The increased capacity required an increase in voltage on the run—by the turn of the millennium in 1999 the energy consumption of visitors exceeded the city’s power supply, resulting in a four-day blackout from 26 to 31 December, now 300 backups. The generators have been taken out of storage for the winter

Season Lucia, the palace’s head of operations, recalled the romanticism of the lackluster candlelight meals but also said that the resort staff had to resort to hand-written receipts to meet their Jose grades in the early 2000s. I had to work overtime. La Rose students and graduates are located in the center of the famous VIPs and working people of Gstaad, the city is like a second home to them, Alexandre Putman La Rose graduate has spent every Christmas in Gstaad since he was a young man

A great quiet place for family holidays

He said that the Gestalt is like family to him, it is a great quiet place for family holidays, a place where he doesn’t have to go out or ski a lot and where he can hang out with his inner circle. We can spend time together. Wrap up for this article, doesn’t it make you want to travel there yourself, let us know in the comments below, make sure to like this article and check out our website for more articles like this, see you in the next one.

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