Nicholas Hoult, full Nicholas Carradock Holt (Wokingham, Berkshire, England),

British actor perhaps best known for playing Hank McCoy (“Beast”) in the X-Men series and Mad Max: Knox in Fury Road. (2015).

Nicholas Hoult was the great-grandson of British stage and screen star Dame Anna Nagel.

His father was a commercial pilot, his mother taught piano, and his three siblings had acting experience.

At the age of three, Nicholas Hoult was watching his brother James perform in a play and was discovered by the production director, 

who commented that if he could concentrate on watching a play, he could be in a play. Huh.

Holt made his feature-film debut in Intimate Relations (1996), but it was his second film, 

About a Boy (2002) when he was 12, caught his international attention. 

In the comedy based on the novel by Nick Hornby, 

 he portrays a mischievous child with “Vulcan” eyebrows who is taken under the wing of an unlikely mentor (played by Hugh Grant).